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Check out our latest success story on how Endress+Hauser's Promass Q Coriolis Flowmeter improved one of our customer's process!

Endress+Hauser’s Promass Q Coriolis Flowmeter

The Promass Q Coriolis Flowmeter


A candy manufacturer utilizing outdated technology was experiencing an extreme amount of error within their process line. In addition to that, entrained gas was so prevalent that the manufacturer was certain nothing would be able to help. An experienced ECI account representative visited their facility and determined the right course of action: Endress+Hauser’s Promass Q 300 Coriolis flowmeter.

What is the Promass Q Coriolis Flowmeter?

The Promass Q Coriolis Flowmeter boasts the highest measurement accuracy for mass flow, volume flow, and density. Thanks to MFT (Multi-Frequency Technology), this device is optimized for liquid applications where entrained gas is known to be present. MFT allows real-time and active compensation of measuring errors due to fluids containing suspended bubbles or even microbubbles.

MFT allows accurate measurement of various gas entrained fluids such as:

  • Ice cream, cream cheese, milk, honey, jam, etc.
  • Viscous heavy crudes, gas-saturated fluids, etc.

Learn more about the Promass Q Coriolis Flowmeter here!


Once implemented within the customer’s process, it became clear that the Promass Q was the right answer. Product loss was greatly minimized, while the presence of the entrained gas within their process line became a thing of the past. As a result, the customer ended up saving thousands of dollars.

For more information on how Eastern Controls can minimize entrained gas within your process contact us at or at 610-325-4600.


During the month of October, we created a video series highlighting how Endress+Hauser’s Coriolis flowmeters can help you. Our latest video covered the Promass Q. Check it out below to learn how the Promass Q can improve your process while gaining an understanding on MFT!



Evan Ludwig | Marketing Communications Specialist


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