Calibration & Maintenance of Fixed Gas Detection Systems

Calibration & Maintenace of Gas Detection Systems:

This 8-hour introductory course will provide engineering and maintenance professionals with a basic understanding of configuring, calibrating, maintaining, and troubleshooting fixed gas detection devices. This class will be a combination of classroom theory, labs, and hands-on training utilizing the PTU® (Process Training Unit), which is a full-scale working process skid with on-line instrumentation and controls.

This course will specifically cover:

  • Theory of operation for bead (combustible), electro-chemical (toxic and oxygen), and infrared (photo acoustic and infrared)
  • Terms
    • LEL, UEL, NIOSH, OSHA, Oxygen deficient, diffusion, vapor density, asphyxiant, etc.
  • Installation
    • Gas density and sensor placement
    • Fixed, remote, sample draw
    • Safety engineer to determine alarms, number of test points, and sensor spacing
  • Wiring
    • Type and size of wire to be utilized
    • 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire theory and hookup
    • Relays wiring, ratings, and hookup
  • Outputs
    • Relays, 4-20ma, Bacnet, Modbus, RS-485
  • Configuration
    • Use of calibrator, controller, pushbuttons, and Bluetooth
  • Troubleshooting
    • Functional Components – disassemble and reassemble, board level voltage checks, error codes, tricks and tips from field technicians
  • Configuration Lab
    • Wire, configure, functional test a gas detector from scratch
  • Calibration Lab
    • Use calibration gas cylinder to perform a correct calibration

Course Fee: $950

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