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5 Things You Need to Know

5 Things You Need to Know – July 2017

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Basic Instrumentation Course

If you are an engineering and maintenance professional, I-103 Basic Instrumentation School is for you!

In July, August, September, and October this introductory course on basic instrumentation will expose students to a variety of instrument disciplines, including Level, Flow, Pressure, and Temperature. The course will start by providing maintenance and engineering professionals with a review of instrumentation technologies, terminology, and symbols needed to work in the field.

Piping & Instrument Drawings (P&IDs) and basic wiring techniques will be covered, along with how instruments communicate. All content includes:

  • Flow Instrumentation – dP, Magnetic, Vortex, Coriolis
  • Recording and display instruments
  • Level Instrumentation – point level and continuous level
  • Pressure Instrumentation – gauge, absolute, differential, hydrostatic
  • Temperature sensors and transmitters

Class Objectives

  • Recognize the various types of process instrumentation found in processes of all types of industries
  • Understand basic Piping & Instrument Drawings (P&IDs), as well as how instruments are installed and wired
  • Properly install and commission common process instruments







Assessment methods for this course will include calculation worksheets, PTU® P&ID exercises, hands-on labs for instrument programming, and individual technology module quizzes.

Interested in attending? Sign up on our website today! Any questions/inquiries can be sent to Training Coordinator, Brenda Luoma, at

All training sessions are held at Eastern Controls’ headquarters in Edgemont, PA. Lunch will be provided for attendees.

Control Valve 101 (Engineering and Technician Courses)

There are two opportunities to attend Eastern Controls Control Valve 101 series this month! From July 12th – 13th, this two-day introductory course will expose students to a variety of control valves including rotary, plug, ball, and reciprocating. The class will provide engineering and technician professionals with hands-on learning, an extensive definition of valve terminology, and highlight control valve accessories. All content will include:

  • Definition and understanding of various types of control valves
  • How control valves function/operate
  • Several accessories associated with valves
  • Actuation rotary/globe








Class Objectives

  • Recognize the various types of control valves found in processes of all types of industries
  • Understand internal makeup, construction, and function of control valves
  • Properly build and maintain care for control valves

The course is being offered again on July 24th at our Ashland, VA office in conjunction with the popular REXA Trailer! This one-day training is COMPLIMENTARY! Don’t miss your chance to attend this valuable training.








Interested in attending? Sign up on our website today! Any questions/inquiries can be sent to our Manager, Administrative Services, Brenda Luoma, at

GE/Masoneilan Interstage Attemperator

Masoneilan’s Interstage Attemperators function to reduce the temperature of superheated steam, and bring it down to a more desirable range. This is possible through the controlled flow of water spray into the superheated steam, which absorbs heat and reduces steam temperature.










  • Water injection is entirely separate from pressure reduction to protect equipment from thermal gradients
  • Spray water nozzles sit outside of the steam flow path

You can access GE Oil & Gas’s Attemperators presentation here!

GE/Masoneilan LincolnLog

The Masoneilan LincolnLog valve from GE Oil & Gas offers long-term reliability in high-pressure, liquid-letdown, anti-cavitation control valve applications. The valve’s design has more than 20 years of proven field performance as the industry’s premier high-pressure, liquid-letdown solution.

Industries & Applications

Upstream Oil & Gas

  • Pump Recirculation
  • Produced Water Injection
  • High-Pressure Separator


  • Rich Amine Service
  • Cold High-Pressure Separator Letdown

Power Generation

  • Pump Recirculation
  • Boiler Feedwater Start-Up
  • High-Pressure Spraywater Control

The LincolnLog valve is available in a variety of body configurations, sizes, materials, ratings, and trim types. The wide variety of trim designs in the LincolnLog valve includes options that offer up to a 150:1 turndown ratio, enabling response to a wide range of process conditions.










Reliable, Long-Term Performance

Cavitation is the leading cause of poor control valve performance and premature failure in high-pressure, liquid-letdown service. The multistage design of the LincolnLog valve reduces cavitation by directing the fluid through a series of three-dimensional, high-impedance pressure-reduction areas, or stages.

Long-term performance is offered in the most extreme applications, such as inaccessible high-pressure, liquid-letdown, wellhead-injection valves. The LincolnLog anti-cavitation control valve can be custom engineered with as many as 10 stages of pressure reduction for applications with extreme pressure drops in excess of 8000 psi (550 Bar).

For more information on the LincolnLog valve, read through the brochure here, or contact ECI by filling out our contact form and a representative will reach out to you within 24 business hours: or call us at 610-325-4600.

Eastern Controls on TV

ECI was recently featured on NBC 10’s Growing Greater Philadelphia television show. The show’s purpose is to highlight companies in the Greater Philadelphia region that contribute to the growing success of this bustling region. This episode focused on various businesses within the manufacturing industry.

Our particular segment highlighted Delaware County Community College’s state-of-the-art technology center and how they help prepare students for the process technology industry by utilizing ECI’s PTU® for a valuable, hands-on learning experience.







You can watch the video on our website here! To see just our segment, fast-forward to the 16-minute mark.

2017 Tri-Association Conference

The Chesapeake Water Environment Association (CWEA), the Chesapeake Section, American Water Works Association (CSAWWA), and the Water & Waste Operators Association of MD, DE, and DC (WWOA) are hosting the 2017 Tri-Association Conference from August 29th – September 1st.

This conference includes more than 135 presentations in six concurrent sessions, including two 1-hour engineering ethics courses and two 3-hour operator process classes. Professional Development Hours (PDHs) will be offered

The conference is located at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center at:

4001 Coastal Highway

Ocean City, MD 21842

To learn more about the conference and to access the Early Bird Registration rates (ends August 4th), visit their website here.



Evan Ludwig, Communications Specialist



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