5 Things You Need to Know

5 Things You Need to Know – December 2017

5 Things You Need to Know | December 2017

Control Valve 101 – Application & Theory Training Course

From December 13th – 14th, ECI will be holding our popular Control Valve 101 course! Control Valve Theory & Application Training will expose attendees to a variety of control valve designs and applications, as well as showcasing the various types of control valves utilized in today’s process control loops.

This course will cover an introduction to control valves, ASME piping specifications and connections, valve body and bonnet material selection vs. designs conditions, definitions, actuators, and assemblies, shutoff capabilities, and process control. Attendees will receive engineering specifications and ASME for future reference.

After completing the class, the successful student will develop an understanding of control valve design and applications.  Recognize the various types of control valves utilized in today’s process control loops.  Attendees will experience hands-on learning in the classroom and Process Training Unit (PTU) area.

Control Valve 101 - Application and Theory

This course will specifically cover:

  • Introduction to Control Valves
  • ASME Piping Specifications and Connections
  • Valve Body & Bonnet Material Selection vs. Design Conditions
  • Definitions
    • Cv – Flow Coefficient
    • FI – Pressure Recovery
    • ANSI Leakage Classification
  • Actuators and Accessories
  • Shut off Capabilities
  • Process Control
  • Definition and understanding of various types of Control Valves

(Globe, Ball, and Butterfly type)

  • How the Control Valves Function/Operate

Body Sub-Assemblies and Differing Actuation Techniques

  • Exposure to Accessories associated with Control Valves
  • Actuators, Positioners, and Digital Valve Controllers

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Visit ECI’s PTU®

The PTU is a fully-functioning process skid

ECI’s PTU® (Process Training Unit) is a state-of-the-art, fully instrumented and controlled facility where techs and engineers alike can receive hands-on experience in the latest field instruments and controls.

Customers are more than welcome to visit ECI’s headquarters in Edgemont, PA, and tour the PTU® year-round. For more information and/or to schedule a visit, contact our Manager of Administrative Services, Brenda Luoma, by email at brenda.luoma@easterncontrols.com or by phone at 484-420-2605.

O’Brien Winterization Solutions

Winter is right around the corner, so make sure you’re prepared for the inevitable harsh winter weather, especially with process instrumentation! O’Brien’s VIPAK enclosure system winterizes instruments and protects them from corrosion, chemical attack, freezing and harsh weather, and mechanical abuse.

A full range of enclosure sizes (A Series – C Series) is available to accommodate single and multiple instrument requirements. Enclosures can be combined with a wide selection of heavy-duty mounts, brackets, and heaters to create customized packages that suit any application.


A Series – Accessible from every angle

  • Ideal for pressure, differential pressure, and case type instruments in combination with manifolds, air sets, and purge meters
  • Top-hinged for easy access to process instruments from the front, top, or either side
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Standard lid-support bracket keeps the lid open
  • Common options include mounting kits, heaters, and factory-installed tempered glass windows

B Series – Front-door access

  • Ideal for case type recorders, indicators, controllers, and sample handling or conditioning systems
  • Front door allows easy access to equipment
  • Available in 22 different sizes
  • Common options include mounting kits, rear access panels, surface plates, heaters, and factory-installed tempered glass windows

C Series – Maximum access

  • Ideal for pressure, differential pressure, and other transmitters combined with manifolds, air sets, purge meters, and output gages
  • Easy-open, tilt-back lid allows access from all sides
  • Available in 25 different sizes
  • Common options include lift access package, parting plates, mounting kits, heater, and (W3) windows

Easy to Install

Process instrumentation fastens directly to O’Brien mounting kits and process connections line up with factory mounted parting plates for a quick and easy installation.

Product Focus Wrap-Up

ECI's Product Focus initiative will "focus" on a particular product each week

ECI recently started a brand-new product-oriented campaign called The Product Focus. Each week we feature a specific product from one of our many Principals and provide an overview of the product and how its features can improve your processes.

Last month, ECI featured the following products (click on each link to learn more about how that product benefits you):

Be on the lookout during this month for more! You can keep up with our Product Focus by following us on LinkedIn here and/or Twitter here!

ECI’s Holiday Schedule

Happy Holidays from Eastern Controls!

ECI will be closed for the holidays on Monday, December 25th, and Monday, January 1st.

We wish you a happy and safe holiday season!



Evan Ludwig, Communications Specialist



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